About Michael Howard's Work

Tropical sunset, Mahé, Seychelles; Michael Howard photography
Michael Howard is commissioned for his creative approach by designers, advertising agencies and resort managements.  He has spent much of his professional life in Portugal, following a period as a freelance photographer specialising in unusual, controllable colour effects using the  Kodak 'dye transfer' process for advertising campaigns in London.  


He and his wife Sue work as a team, initially travelling to tropical islands, Greece and Spain on commission or to take stock photos.  Over time the work became focused on Portugal.  He supplies his choice of photo-libraries with stock photos, while the commissioned work is typically for companies promoting Portuguese tourism.


Michael sums up his views on commissioned work  “Good photography is an investment and not an inessential expense.  The resorts and villas with enticing, relevant sets of photos attract the bookings.  Clients sometimes argue that their pictures will ’only be used on the web’, thinking that they do not need quality images; but good photography is as vital for website thumbnails as for brochure spreads. " 

All images by Michael Howard.  Apartado 7003, 8200-927 Albufeira, Portugal.  All rights reserved - reprodução proibida